Being dreamless makes you the poorest man because you don’t have a reason and a purpose for tomorrow.

The follows principles will help us move to the right directions in life using the examples of an eagle:

*An eagle fly’s to very high altitudes hence finding themselves lonely, same to our situations many people will not accommodate your purpose so they will not be willing to go an extra-mile with you, only those that are purposeful like you will go with you.

If you want to be a success you don’t have to keep company with failures because you become like those you make your friends.

*Eagles posses vision – the eagle is double sighted but has one vision, in our everyday living we might be seeing so many things which make sense to what we want but have one vision where you focus and don’t be destructed by anything that comes on your way, be ware of everything but focus on one thing.

Be highly focused on what you want and you will surely get successful.

*Eagles only feed on fresh food – You should feed yourself with fresh motivations and get to learn everyday new and positive things which will help you get successful.

*Eagles love storms – In this life challenges are part of what we will go through. These challenges will make us better if we overcome them and if they become very hard we have a helper who is our maker and he can never leave us no matter what. No one can ever be successful without challenges, these challenges are there to make us stronger and better to fit for successful people. Every success in anyone’s life has a cost nothing just comes we must pay for anything we want to get in this life.

* Eagles do extraordinary things which no bird can ever do this is because their determination cannot be shaken or even moved by anything,it is recorded that an eagle killed a duiker weighing 37kgs which was 8times more than its weight and the largest nest ever recorded was 4m deep 2.5m wide and 1metric ton in weight that shows that the bird is exceptional and its determination is very high. Same applies to us if we get so determined and exceptional we will think of ideas which no one can ever think of because we are all made with a gift that doesn’t resemble any other because God knew that we can do exceedingly great things.

* With an example of a golden eagle which is among the fastest bird we should also get fast in our way of doing things and believe that we are among the best and achieve great things because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

* Let what you have make you the best and move you to high ranks because that was the intention of God in giving a gift that no one else had so that you can be special in your own way.

* Everyone has a remedy to another’s problem so use what you have to improve other people’s lives. And when you help others you will also be helped.

* Our God promises us that if we do according to his will we shall soar like Eagles(Isaiah 40:31) use your gift and build your vision from the ground up, and success will be your portion.

It’s only impossible until it’s attempted – samir.


Follow Your passion

Passion is a strong and barely controllable feeling. It is a thing found inside a person which only the holder of it can show it to others, mainly this is something one can do with little or no training and they can do it really perfectly, in many cases education becomes less important in this case.

Why is it important to follow our passion? When education came it took away the feeling that one has passion. Everyone since we were young forgot that we had passion and our own individual ability which do not resemble any other. We all have different passion and that makes us very unique.

When we all forget about following what we like and started looking for an ‘A’ and forgot that everyone is not the same that is where we all lost. Education is the only thing that changes not and if it does it is at a very low rate.

Many people in jobs today work for salaries and other benefits they get from their work place and not because that is what they like doing. Hence this has led to many bad things happening. Many businesses closing, many companies turning down when the workers don’t get what they really want. This is mainly caused by the education system we have and many not following what they like. If one day we all went to the hospital with different illnesses and given the same medicine could it cure everyone or cause more disaster. The same way, many innocent children with different abilities go to schools and they are told that the only thing that can work in life is making an ‘A’ not knowing that only 10% can do it hence killing 90% which later brings jobless people and those with it don’t like what they do.

Passion will always be the spark that drives your life. Everything in life happens for a reason. God puts challenges in our paths and we bear witness to tremendous pain for a reason. That is what we should have something that drives us so that we may not reach to a point of giving up.

It is never too late to do what you like and follow your passion to succed. Martha Stewart worked on wall street and owned a catering firm but her real success came after age 41 with the publication of her first book, Tim and Nina Zagat, husband and wife gave up their legal careers to write their first restaurant guides which made them very rich.

These people most of them get to follow their passion when their age is abit gone but that doesn’t deny them success they still get successful, Also young people get successful when they do what they were created to do and follow their passion which is triggered by their ability. Every scientist will tell you that no two brain are the same, even a mother to twins will tell that even if they were born the same time they are different in their way of doing things and even their ability.

A focused person at whatever age they follow their passion to success. If we go to the Bible it is evident that even being a young boy, God saw that David was having the ability to become a king, our abilities are God given so if we ask help from him we get all that we need. Looking at the football sector we find very young men who are able and passionately playing football and performing extremely well with their young that showing that age will not limit you from being successful in life. Your age or inexperience will not determine how far you go but the fear of God, determination and big effort will make you an achiever.

*GOD kept first and passion invested gives great results – samir


Motivation provides someone with an incentive/encouragement to do something.

Inspiration is to infuse into the mind, to communicate to the spirit, to convey as by a divine or supernatural influence to disclose preternaturally, to produce in, as by inspiration.

We need motivation in order to achieve our dreams/goals.

Abraham maslow’s proposed that motivation is the result of a person’s attempt in fulfilling five basic needs: psychological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization.


*clarifies a goal.

*sets priorities.

*pushes through setbacks.

*teaches perseverance.

*fights against fear.

*builds self-confidence.

*inspires others.

*directs behavior towards goals.

*leads to increased effort and energy.

If Steve Jobs wasn’t motivated to start apple, we couldn’t have an iPhone or iPad.

Essentially your motivation is divided into two motives: internal and external. If you manage to identify what your internal motives are then you are aware of your needs, thoughts and emotions as well, external motives refer to your work environment and to what extent it encourages you to be energetic and happy.

#Motivation is very important, but if giving up is an option for you, success will always be a non-valid dream. -samir


Everyone faces challenges in life, expect them but don’t allow them to separate you from God’s divine destiny for your life. Challenges usually come with no appointments, they do not respect age, nationality or levels of income and they will stay for longer than you want them to. Sometimes the quickest way out of the challenge is the toughest. How you conduct yourself in the challenge determines how long you stay in the challenge, Remember God doesn’t give big fights to small soldiers he knows that you will make it that’s why he hasn’t left you in the challenge.

Challenges and trouble doesn’t develop character they reveal character. Remember that not all adversity will produce defeat. Adversity is God’s university, a challenge is an opportunity to step into a new dimension of accomplishment. If we all had a challengeless life no achievement would have been seen because everyone would have been comfortable. A man on his knees can see more and further into the future, challenges force us to pray with intensity that causes God to incline his ear towards our cry. God will always be ready to take us through the challenge for once and never will it happen again, the only way we can avoid taking a test the second time is to pass it the first time.

The person going through the challenge is the person next in line for the promotion. Joseph was in a problem one day and the next day he was a Prime Minister of Egypt living in the palace, he went from the pit to the palace. Your future is just as bright as the promises of God, every challenge is preceded by a promise from God. When the challenge comes and the battle is about to begin, put the whole armor of God and get ready, with God on your side, the victory is yours. You cannot solve a challenge that you will not confront, when we confront the challenge, we are destined to soon become free from it because the answer is not separate from the challenge. Success requires hard work, it’s a journey, it’s not given but earned, it’s actually an everyday exercise.

In success, winning isn’t everything but learning is. -Samir


Samson’s parents knew the secret behide his strength since birth, yet they told no one about it. The day a friend came to his life and gorlt to know about the secret it was done for his downfall. Delilah was a good friend that samson trusted but she wasn’t trustworthy… will find more of that story in the book of judges.

Everyone qualifies for your love but you don’t have to make everyone your friend. Love is a must but relationship is by choice, you need to know what kind of a person are you getting yourself to and of what help are they going to be in your life. Those that does not make you they will surely break you and those that are not a help they will be a hinderance you better choose wisely.

Friends maybe of different kinds which may include:

1.confidant – They will walk with you no matter how hard it gets, you need to be greteful if you have one.

2. Associates/acquaintance – These kind of friends team up with you to achieve a common goal, take care they may push you for them to win, mostly they are familiar with you but there is no personal relationship.

3. Comrades – They team up with you to fight a common enemy. They will be gone once the enemy is defeated, they come for a season.

4. Appendage – These ones are friendly because there is a posibility that your success will help them they may not support but just waiting for the success.

5. Leech – Drain individuals of their energy, essence or desire to move forward they should be avoided always.

You might not be a victim to have all the kinds of friends but everyone needs to know which friend to keep and which to take out of their life. A true friend is someone who doesn’t place a classification, condition, value or limitation on a relationship, someone who will provide emotional support and also remain friends duting good and bad times without exceptions. One thing you need to know for sure is you cannot be different from those you closely associate with,don’t go with people that are not going your direction, know that just because you have a history with someone doesnot mean you have a future with them.

When wrong people leave your life wrong things will stop happening – Samir.


In life some may walk, others may run, but remember God gave the tortoise and the horse the same days to reach the ark. Your journey might be rough and tough but you will definitely get to your destination.

People may look at your speed and wonder if you will get there, others will doubt if you really know where you are going but different people had different stories about Joseph:

*Jacob looked at him and saw a child and a good son.

*The ten brothers looked at him and saw a useless dreamer.

*The travellers looked at him and saw a slave

*Potiphah saw a good servant.

*Potiphah’s wife looked at him and saw a potential boyfriend.

*Prison officers saw a prisoner.

How wrong were all of them

God looked at Joseph and saw the PRIME MINISTER of EGYPT in waiting, how great our God sees us but people change us by discouraging us and we forget to follow our ambitions and targets in life.

Problems also may be a thong of taking us back to where we are not supposed to be. The only thing we forget is that “The person going through the problem is the person next in line for promotion” and we only give up because we don’t know how close we are to our sucess.

Remember David got the anointing of becoming a king while he was a simple child herding sheep, Esther was a simple orphaned girl, yet she was a queen in waiting. The only only thing that will keep you going is not giving up and trusting in God.

* The person going through the problem is the person next in line for promotion -samir.


What do you tell yourself when you wake up every morning. …..?

Great men in the bible had their ways of making their days and times become better at all times,when they were doing their things these are the words they would mostly say;

1. Moses would say- Lord, if you don’t go with us we are going nowhere.

2. Abraham would say- The Lord will provide.

3. David would say-This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it and also say The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

4. Isaiah would say- Arise and shine for my glory has come and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

5. Jeremiah would say-For I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you but not to fail you.

6. Jabez would say- oh, that you may bless me and enlarge my territories.

7.Ezekiel would say- All the dry bones in my life live again.

That is what they said and God was so just he never failed them, let us learn to say things that will affect us positively in our lives.

when you become fearless you become limitless- Samir.